The Chore Challenge
Parents Magazine, February 2011
Written by Beth Howard

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Sure, you’re not always going to want to do your chores at the same time as your child does hers. But saying something like, ‘Help me straighten up the house. I’ll do my bedroom, and you do yours’ will help get a reluctant kid started.
— The Chore Challenge, Parents Magazine, February 2011

Walking Worries
Parents Magazine, August 2011
Written by Beth Howard

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Walking separates babies from toddlers, so to parents it signifies that their child is growing up. No wonder we have so many worries about this developmental high point: Will my baby walk on time? Does walking late mean she’ll be unathletic? What should we do to fix his pigeon toes? We’ve addressed the most common concerns about going mobile.
— Walking Worries, Parents Magazine, August 2011