What editors have to say.

“Beth has been my #1 go-to writer for many years. She is a topnotch writer, quick, imaginative and fun to work with. She never gets stressed no matter how rush the assignment and never fails to turn in professional work of the absolutely highest quality.” 
--Elinor Nauen, Editor at Newsweek Special Sections and Medizine Healthy Living

"I just want to say how great the story was. You have a clear, lighthearted tone that's so easy to read and the copy was so concise, which I really appreciated. There were some great, smart, original strategies for moms here--this story should be a big help for them. Again, awesome job on the story."

--Jane Nussbaum, Senior Editor, Parents Magazine  

 "Beth Howard is among my very best, most skilled and reliable writers. I know that when I assign her a piece it will come in on time, thoroughly and accurately reported, well organized, and written in the perfect tone for my magazine’s audience. She makes my job easier, and I wish I had a lot more writers like her!"
--Beth Weinhouse, Editorial Director, Conceive

"You did a fantastic job on the cold and flu feature. I'm so happy with it. The top editors agree that it's a terrific piece. You found fresh information about a topic that has been covered, oh, a zillion times. This is one of my favorites of all the cold/flu articles I've edited."

--Bethany Gumper, Senior Editor, Fitness

"Beth Howard is one of the most consistently excellent reporters and writers in the health field with whom I have  had the good fortune to work. I recommend her without reservation to anyone who is seeking quality--and a great attitude."  
--Kalia Doner, Editor in Chief, REMEDYand Diabetes Focus magazines

"I find there are very few go-to health writers out there, where I know I will always get a great piece back.  Beth is one of  them."

--Holly Pevzner, Former Senior Editor, Fitness